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Advanced Hair Studio India

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1Advanced Hair Studio India Empty Advanced Hair Studio India on Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:56 am

Hello from Advanced Hair Studio India.
Replace your hair without surgery, pain or scarring, the way you lost it, strand-by-strand. This patented hair loss procedure is low maintenance and has almost no impact on your lifestyle. Enjoy the confidence of looking good again with the strand-by-strand hair replacement procedure.
Advanced Hair Studio India

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2Advanced Hair Studio India Empty Advanced Hair Studio India on Mon Nov 21, 2011 1:41 pm

I was always known in my college to have beautiful lustrous hair. But the praise was not for long. Last year, to my sudden disappointment, my hair started thinning and began to lose its sheen and shine. This shattered my confidence to an extent that I began to avoid social gatherings and going for outings. This also took a toll upon my health. Fortunately, I came across Advanced Hair Studio India over the net and my days completely changed! After undergoing the laser treatment I got back my lost confidence as my hair now looked even more healthy and beautiful than before. This transformation took place in just a few months. I am Thankful to Advanced Hair Studio India.

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3Advanced Hair Studio India Empty Advanced Hair Studio India on Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:20 pm

Advanced Hair Studio India - The cutting edge technology, advanced methodologies, impeccable staff and a plethora of hair related treatments make Advanced Hair Studio India the place to be for your hair related problems. It is undeniably one of the largest hair restoration companies. By solving all hair related problems, Advanced Hair Studio India not only makes you look good but enhances your personality which in turn boosts up your confidence. This enhances the personal as well as the professional life of an individual.
Advanced Hair Studio India has a track record of meeting the needs and requirements of all customers. Some of the clients include widely acclaimed and renowned personalities like Sourav Ganguli, Austin Healey, Greg Matthews and Austin Healey.
The various procedures that Advanced Hair Studio offers are Strand by Strand (Surgical), Strand by Strand (Cosmetic) and the widely known Advanced Laser therapy. Advanced Hair Studio India offers the Strand by Strand (Surgical) procedure and it transforms your appearance in a day’s time. The idea is to fill up the bald spots with 100 percent natural growth.
The cosmetic Strand-by-Strand gives an assured and guaranteed treatment that is full head. It is a customized procedure and adds to the thickness, volume and density of the hair.
The most widely acclaimed and the best treatment is the Advanced Laser Therapy at Advanced Hair Studio India. The treatment is time taking but takes care of the problem in an incredible manner. The high quality products, modern technology leads to the effectiveness and efficiency of this programme. Advanced Hair Loss Therapy stops the hair loss, saves existing hair and also thickens them. It also leads to re growth of hair in areas where there are alive follies. The therapy enhances the scalp condition and brings back the luster and shine along with volume to your hair.
Advanced Hair Studio India uses products that are high quality and ensure success in all aspects. Products like Panthenol and Wheat Amino provides flexibility to the hair shaft.

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